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Manognya Turumella

Account Executive

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I am Manu, Account Executive at PeakPerformer.io, a funded enterprise Ed-tech platform building the next generation of leaders.

@PeakPerformer focuses on transforming modern managers into influential leaders through personalized & scalable leadership coaching. We focus on learning outcomes and excellence to build a new generation of leaders.

My working style is about discovering the requirement and mapping it with the right opportunity. I believe in a deep and focused approach of empathizing with the people I work with and bringing out a compatible & mutually agreed solution, satisfying all parties involved. So if you are looking for a consigliere to support you build a conscious leadership line in your organization. Dial me at 7710005771.

Outside of work: I am passionate about permaculture and building a sustainable food forest outside of work. I recently owned an acre of land to implement my version of the One straw revolution. Additionally, I religiously crochet for 45-60 mins listening to Audible. If you want to grab my attention, the foolproof way is to offer a cup of hot chocolate.
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